The anti-bark collar: know everything you need to know about it

Dogs are considered to be one of the most loyal and noble pets. However, among the many qualities they possess, they also have some details that can be annoying. If you think about it, surely the barking will occupy one of the first positions on the list. For this, one of the solutions that the market offers is the anti-bark collar.

The anti-bark collar: what it is

The anti-bark collar is a system created to prevent dog barking. Its operation is as follows: it is a receiver collar that is placed on the neck of the animal. The receiver captures the movements of the dog's throat and, depending on the type of collar, acts in a specific way. The throat is one of the most delicate regions of the animal and the consequences that can generate this type of systems are complicated.

 Collar for dogs that bark

Types of collar antiladridos

There are different types of collars antiladridos, of which the most used are the following:

Collar antiradridos with spray

The collar antiradridos with spray is placed around the neck of the animal. The moment you bark, the microphone picks up the bark and sends a signal. The signal activates the release of the spray , located under the muzzle of the animal. This causes a reaction of surprise in the dog, which reacts with four senses: hearing, sight, touch and smell.

Different studies have concluded that in about 28% of cases the barking partially disappears, and in 70 % completely. This anti-bark collar is the least damaging of all existing ones . It does not cause direct effects on the animal body, but it sprays a harmless liquid. For example, one option is a necklace with spray containing citronella, which is not very pleasant.

Electric collar

The operation of the electric collar antiladridos is similar to those of spray , except that it only affects the sense of touch of the animal. At the moment the animal barks, the collar emits an electrostatic discharge, which acts as a punishment for the animal's action.

If choose this option, the necklace has to emit adjustable downloads, since each dog has a different sensitivity, as happens with people.

Collar antiradridos: how it works

The emission of the download tends to be automatic, and varies according to the intensity and frequency of barking. Therefore, it is essential that the anti-bark collar is adjustable. Although it is also recommended that the dog does not wear the collar continuously, because the electrodes can cause necrosis in the dog's skin.

Limits of effectiveness

All collars have an effective limit. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the cause of the bark. If not, only the consequence will be tackled, but the problem will not be solved. Some animals stop barking, but as an escape route tend to destroy the environment, to make their needs in different areas or even self-mutilated.

Identification of the cause of the bark

Before considering using this option, it is necessary to identify the cause of the bark first. Dogs bark with the aim of expressing different moods: joy, excitement, worry, etc. The goal of barking is always to express a message.In reaction to the stress produced by loneliness, the dog barks to attract company.

  • Vision . If people, other dogs or other animals are curious about your eyes, the dog will bark to communicate with other dogs. Or also as a way to express frustration.
  • Noises . Any kind of noise can be picked up by our pet, which will react to this in different ways. If the door is opened and the owners enter, it will bark to manifest its joy.
  • Attention . He wants to be listened to, so he does what is necessary to be heard.
  • Compulsive behavior . You may bark when you feel uneasy, or simply because you got used to it.
  • Fear . Because of the fear they may feel when they are alone, they bark to calm down.
  • Another option is for the dog to talk to its owners, with barking as their way of expressing themselves.

    Before all the information gathered for the writing of this article, there is a conclusion that is important to highlight. This antiradridos system is not positive for the dog, it can give rise to a series of negative consequences. There are many other therapies or options that can be used to solve the barking problem.