No hummingbirds in your feeders? 4 tips to solve it

Watching birds as wonderful as hummingbirds is certainly a gift to behold. If you want to admire them more closely from your garden, in this article we are going to give you some tricks to attract hummingbirds to your feeders.

If there are no hummingbirds in your feeders ...

There are different options in the market, so in this aspect there is no restriction. Of course, you can make them yourself with easy-to-find materials. The best system to place them is to hang them on some structure.

It is important to point out that, if we place several feeders, we must distribute them well throughout our garden. The reason is very simple: when there are disputes about feeding, the hummingbird males can become very territorial.

So, if we put the feeders together, the dominant male will not let them get close to any other copy. By placing them in several places, the number of hummingbirds in your feeders will increase and it will be easier to observe them.

 What colors attract hummingbirds

A very effective trick is to use the color red . Hummingbirds are often attracted to this color, which will increase the chances of them approaching the feeder.

Nectar, your favorite food

Once the feeders are placed, you have to fill them of the favorite food of these animals: the nectar. Do not use seeds or other products, as it will attract other species. A good trick is to prepare homemade nectar: ​​you will only need water and sugar.

When be prepared, fill the feeders to half their capacity to prevent the proliferation of fungi and other microorganisms. It is also recommended to clean the feeders every three days, remove excess nectar and clean the feeder.

A little water is always a good idea

If you have a fountain in your garden, another point in your favor. You can place feeders nearby for hummingbirds to see. These tiny birds like to take small baths to remove dirt and traces of nectar , so a fountain or a sprinkling system will come from pearls.

 Drinkers for hummingbirds

A garden made for them

For Finally, you can increase the presence of hummingbirds in your feeders if your garden has a series of specific plants and flowers. Ideally, use flowers that have little aroma, but produce a large amount of nectar.

You can plant petunias, azaleas, foxgloves or purple bells. Choose plants that have different flowering times to attract hummingbirds for as long as possible. You can also use small trees, shrubs or climbing plants such as honeysuckle.

Following these tips, surely you can attract your garden to these wonderful animals and enjoy them.